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M/s Payal Travels (Petroleum division) is a Retail outlet of Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited; located at Pulgaon chowk, Durg. Established In the year 2004; Avg. Monthly sale of M/s Payal Travels Petroleum is 400 KL diesel and 50 KL petrol, which brings us amongst the highest selling retail outlets in Chhattisgarh. At the fuel station, we ensure that the quantity and quality of fuel delivered to the customers is always best; and henceforth we have been certified as Pure for Sure Retail Outlet.

Bharat Petroleum recognizes that one of the basic needs of the customers is pure quality and correct quantity of fuels. Bharat Petroleum is passionately committed in making this need a reality at its Retail Outlets. As one of the major initiatives in this direction, Bharat Petroleum has launched an 'Enhanced Fuel Proposition' (EFP) programme - A nation-wide effort of dispensing pure quality and correct quantity of fuel, and at the same time delivering courteous, fast and efficient service. At such Retail Outlets, Bharat Petroleum guarantees that the correct quality and quantity are dispensed. In order to be able to do so, strict quality control and tracking measures have been put in place at every point from the Supply Point (Depot) to the customer's fuel tank. Expectations of the Customers out of this program:

  • Value for money from "Pure for Sure" outlets as these outlets dispenses right Quantity of pure fuel.
  • Better mileage and lower maintenance expenses on their motor vehicles.
  • Efficient fuelling and courteous service resulting in saving of time.
  • Reduced pollution due to the use of pure fuel.
  • Guaranteed Q and Q
  • Courteous service
  • Efficient fuelling
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SmartFleet is a powerful Fleet Management tool launched by Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited. The SmartFleet card offers fleet owners / companies an unbeatable combination of convenience of payment, security, credit, MIS and rewards. The SmartFleet programme is for corporates and business entities (not an individual) that own or control a fleet of vehicles and have felt the need of Fleet Management services, either in-house, or outsourced.
Benefits of smart fleet card:

  • Cashless transaction
  • Pure for sure
  • Cash management system
  • MIS reports
  • Rewards
  • Tier Benefits
  • Credit option
  • Vehicle Tracking
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We at Payal Travels supply lubes to a lot of transporters, builders, rice mills, road contractors and a lot of other customers. We also deal in corporate tie-ups and can provide all sorts of oil available in market, in all possible packages.

Pricing- Our pricing is very competitive with the market rates and buying from us also gives you an added advantage of getting rewards points in your smartfleet card.

Why Mak?

The features of "MAKBase" oil are as follows:

  • MAKBase is Colourless, Odourless, Non-Toxic and Stable
  • MAKBase has high viscosity index (greater than 110)
  • MAKBase has less Aromatic content and Sulphur
  • MAKBase has excellent Low temperature properties
  • MAKBase has low Volatility
  • MAKBase has excellent Demulsibility and Anti-Foaming Characteristics

As base oils are the fundamental building blocks of lubes, access tsuch superior quality base oils will further enhance the quality of Lubricating oils produced by us offering the following advantages:

Longer oil life through improved oxidation stability

MAKBase oils contain very less Aromatic content thus providing excellent Oxidation Stability which minimizes viscosity increase and reduced deposits enabling longer lubricant life.
Grades blended with MAKBase due their inherent superior oxidation stability provide scope for extending oil service life.

Reduced Oil Consumption

The higher Viscosity Index and sharp distillation cuts of MAKBase oil helps make them less volatile, thus providing

  • Engine oils with lower oil consumption
  • Industrial oils and power transmission fluids that have less fluid loss
  • Lubricants that show less thickening.
Reduced Emissions and Improved Catalyst Life

MAKBase oils with its very low sulphur content provides

  • Better protection temission control devices such as catalytic converters and after treatment devices, which would help in reducing emissions.
Better Wear Protection and Longer Equipment Life

MAKBase oils have more stable viscosity at extreme temperatures, thus providing lubricants that thickens less at cold temperatures and thin less at higher temperatures. It alshas excellent low temperature properties. Thus providing

  • Enhanced wear protection and equipment life.
  • Better low temperature fluidity and pumpability.
Protection against rusting and corrosion

MAKBase oils have better demulsibility resulting in faster water separation and better protection against corrosion which is a very critical property for turbine oils and hydraulic oils.

Energy Savings

With its lower volatility and very high Viscosity Index, thinner oils can be used, thus resulting in substantial fuel and energy savings in both automotive and industrial applications.

Excellent Aesthetics
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Payal Travels concentrates more on services, Payal Travels concentrate more on services, henceforth to provide one stop solutions to all your vehicles needs, we have started Star washing services. Wherein we wash your vehicle with utmost care and thru modern techniques, using best of the products. We are equipped with systems in which we can wash all sorts of vehicles, from two wheelers to trailers, trucks, tractors, buses, cars.

We accept all major credit & debit

We provide safe and convenient parking space to our customers. We have available parking space of around 10000 sq fts, which is utilized by our customers for parking their trucks, cars and two wheelers.

As per the norms of PFS, our petrolpump is equipped with air machine and we provide free air to our customers

We offer clean and safe drinking water.

We consider the need of customers and we continuously work towards their conveninence and hence forth we have a saperate Gents and Ladies public toilet, which is open 24 hours.

Our fuel station is open 24x7 all round the year.

An Initiative to provide the best of service to our esteemed customers - keeping in mind the value of time, we have initiated the "MAK Quik Lube oil Change" at many of our Retail outlets. This initiative is mainly to cater to the Bike and Car/SUV customers to change the Engine oil in their vehicle with in short span of time. The major advantages of this initiative to the customer is

  • Speedy oil change in front of their own eyes.
  • Mechanized system of Oil change - helps in removing the old oil completely.
  • Genuine MAK product
  • Free Oil change facility - Only cost of the product to be paid by the customer.
  • Quick turnaround time for the customer.
  • Special offers to the customers.

We also have an in-house tyre repair shop which provides all sorts of tyre repairing for all sorts of vehicles.

  • Address

    M/s Payal Travels Petroleum
    Opp. Gayatri Mandir, Pulgaon Chowk,
    Durg, Chhattisgarh – 491001
    Tel: +91 788 2332555, +91 74899 37222
Payal Petroleum
Payal Petroleum

It is a Retail outlet of Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited; located at Pulgaon chowk, Durg. Established In the year 2004; Avg. Monthly sale of M/s Payal Travels Petroleum is 400 KL diesel and 50 KL petrol, which brings us amongst the highest selling retail outlets in Chhattisgarh. At the fuel station, we ensure that the quantity and quality of fuel delivered to the customers is always best.

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Delhi Public School
Delhi Public School, Jagdalpur

Our latest venture is Delhi Public School, Jagdalpur; which is run under The AEGIS of DPS Society, New Delhi. The school is spread over a vast campus of 11 acres, between the lush green environments of Jagdalpur, a little away from the city, with a vision that the noise and pollution of the city doesn't hamper the concentration of the students.

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Payal Travels
Payal Travels

We were the first transport company to introduce sleeper coach buses in Chhattisgarh, continuing the legacy we have now introduced the first in-built toilet coach buses with on board entertainment system. We pride ourselves not only on account of our turnover but on our commitment to provide safe, punctual and comfortable journey to our passengers.

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Payal Plaza
Payal Plaza

We have also put our hands in the construction sector, with our first shopping complex at Gunderdehi; Named as Payal Plaza, spread over 10000 sq ft right opposite Gunderdehi Bus Stand. Located at the heart of the village, Payal Plaza is first ever shopping complex in Gunderdehi with a modern look and interior.

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